Sharing Technology Inc. is committed to high-quality services every day under our management philosophy of making people happy with our business, which is necessary for society.
We handle a variety of information for our business involved in the call center industry. Therefore, we recognize that we have an important social responsibility to adhere to the safe management of information. In particular, we strongly recognize the importance of personal information, and we define the protection of the privacy of customers as one of the top priorities of our corporate activities. In order to implement this protection, we established the following personal information protection policy. All directors and employees shall strive to appropriately handle and manage personal information in accordance with this policy.

Established on: November 24, 2006
Last Revised: December 12, 2017
Representative Director&Co-CEO Masayoshi Shino
Representative Director&Co-CEO Nobuhiro Moriyoshi

1. Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information
We endeavor to collect, use, and provide personal information appropriately in consideration of our business activities and these scopes. Personal information will be only used within the scope of the purposes of our business activities, which have been identified in advance of such information being obtained. The company shall not handle personal information for any other purpose and shall implement measures to prevent the use beyond the scope of our purpose.
2. Management of Personal Information
We manage the personal information collected and that has been entrusted from external sources in a safe and accurate manner and shall formulate and implement the necessary information security measures to prevent issues of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and information leakage. In the event of a security accident, we will implement swift corrective measures.
3. Response to Complaints
We will listen to complaints and the views of our customers regarding the handling of personal information or personal information protection management and address the issues properly and quickly.
4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
We will strive to comply with laws and other regulations pertaining to personal information, the guidelines stipulated by the Japanese government, Personal Information Protection Management Systems - Requirements: JIS Q 15001, and other norms.
5. Formulation and Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System
We set forth the management system regarding the protection of personal information and make it known to all directors and employees that it must be implemented in its entirety. In addition, the CEO and Company personnel will periodically review this system and strive to improve it continuously.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Purpose of use on receipt of information through business entrusted by customers:
- Internet connection, contact provider, urgent services such as pest control, and collection of unwanted articles.
Purpose of use of the information we have collected:
- Customer information collected by the call center in order to provide the services concerning difficulties in living: internet connection, contact provider, urgent services such as pest control, and collection of unwanted articles
- Customer information we collected to provide a flight ticket arrangement service: for arranging flight tickets, contact and refunds pertaining to ticket arrangements, managing membership information, and providing information about deals
- Personal information of employees including executive officers: for the management of personnel and labor
- Personal information about hiring and recruiting applicants: for screening
- Personal information arising from the operation of privacy mark: for the operation and management of privacy mark

Handling of Personal Information

We may share your personal information with an outsourcing company entrusted to implement our business

Provision of acquired information to third parties

We may disclose your personal information to any third party in order to provide services to our customers.

Voluntary Provision of Personal Information

Providing your personal information is voluntary. Please note that if you do not provide your information as required, it may impair the appropriate provision of services to you.

Notice concerning personal information to be disclosed and requests for disclosure

1. Name of entity
Sharing Technology Inc.
2. Name of the person responsible for the management of personal information (Personal Information Management Officer)
Name: Yoshitaka Katayama
Contact: 052-414-5919
3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information to be Disclosed
- Customer information collected by the call center in order to provide the services concerning difficulties in living: for the management of agency activities
- Personal information about hiring and recruiting applicants: for screening
4. Complaints regarding the Handling of Personal Information that has been Disclosed
Please contact the following “Inquiries concerning Personal Information”.
5. Request for Disclosure
If the customer wishes to be given his/her personal information, please contact the following “Inquiries concerning Personal Information” via telephone or email. After verification of identity (confirmed with registered details), the information will be sent by post to your address registered with us. Upon the request for disclosure of personal information, a document handling charge (3,000 yen) is levied. (Payment method: the documents about personal information disclosure will be sent cash on delivery) Please note that the disclosure request handling charge will not be refunded even if the personal information of the applicant may not be disclosed in accordance with one of the reasons for refusal of disclosure prescribed in the Personal Information Protection Act.

Notice concerning personal information to be disclosed and requests for disclosure

For inquiries concerning the protection of personal information, please contact the inquiry desk:
JP Tower Nagoya 19F, 1-1-1, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-6319
Complaints Processing
Please contact the following authorized personal information protection organization, if you have any complaints concerning the handling of personal information:
Personal Information Protection Complaints Inquiry Desk, Japan Information Processing and Development Center (JIPDEC)
< Address >
Roppongi First Building 1-9-9, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
< Telephone >
< Recording of Conversations >
Your call may be recorded to capture and understand accurately the content of complaints when you call the inquiry desk.
The recorded content will only be used to solve the problem.