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    Representative Director&Co-CEO Masayoshi Shino
    Representative Director&Co-CEO Nobuhiro Moriyoshi

  • SHARING TECHNOLOGY, a company with a continuous challenging spirit and mutual growth potentiality

    SHARING TECHNOLOGY was listed on the TSE Mothers in August 2017.
    The company, twelve years after its founding, has grown remarkably: the number of employees has more than quadrupled, and sales have more than doubled on a consolidated basis.
    We recruit colleagues who aim to grow with us and share our target of further profit expansion and corporate value improvement of the SHARING TECHNOLOGY group.
    Let's innovate the life service market drastically, leveraging speedy challenges and new ideas.

Interviews of employeesINTERVIEWINTERVIEW

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    You can work without worry even if you have no experience.

    I used to work in the apparel industry, but considering my future and starting to think about working in a stable workplace where I could work for a long time, I decided to change the job and joined Sharing Technology. I started with no experience and am currently a member of Finance and Accounting, which is responsible for daily payment management and journalizing with accounting software.
    As we handle the figures of all departments within the company and most of our tasks have deadlines, speed and accuracy are required for the department. The work environment requires performing monthly fixed operations and allows us to challenge new things.

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    Work environment allows us to help each other grow

    After joining a game company, I joined Sharing Technology to learn about other system design approaches. I am engaged in a wide range of work related to server programs and infrastructure, while involved in several projects.
    Our team members work together and support the entire system within the company. We have great teamwork and help each other grow in an environment that allows us to challenge new things.

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    Constant challenges every day
    Great workplace full of energy and rewarding experiences

    I joined Sharing Technology in mid-career. Through my experience in product planning in a previous job, I started thinking about getting involved in business planning and decided to join the company. I am currently engaged in high quality business development and am in charge of new business operations and management in the Corporate Planning Office.
    I learn many new things every day, and I think it is a great environment to improve your skills. I learn new things and get stimulated every day in new business activities. I have never been in such an environment where I could learn many things. The workplace is great for those who would like to grow themselves.

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    Great working environment with very strong momentum
    Staff also grow so quickly

    I have been involved in all aspects of image production while working in a production company, an advertising company, and gaining experience as a freelance designer, coder, and director. After joining Sharing Technology, I have been engaged in the director, producer, and team management roles using the skills I have developed so far.
    Everything moves so quickly in this company. I used to be astonished by how fast everything moved in the business when I joined the company but now I am comfortable with the speed. This is also a great working environment with very strong momentum where you feel not only yourself but also others grow.


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 Job DescriptionIrIr


Our company provides the following support and benefits for the workplace where every employee can work in a relaxed atmosphere for long periods.
We believe that enhancement of work environment described below leads to an increase in employee motivation and the company growth.

  • Various holidays
    Birthday holiday: One day in the birth month, Six days for marriage plus Honeymoon holidays, and Maternity holidays, and reduction in working hours fully completed

  • Various benefits
    Marriage benefits allowed as congratulatory money to an employee who marries during his/her term of office. Maternity benefits allowed for a childbirth to an employee or his spouse per child.

  • Qualification Acquisition Support System
    The company bears all expenses for taking exam when an employee passes the qualification test specified by the company. Target Qualifications: MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist), Secretarial Skills Test, Bookkeeping etc. Review of target test addition is always possible other than described above.

  • Lunch expenses benefits
    Food tickets are distributed together with monthly wage slips. Food tickets come in useful so that you can use them in convenience stores and restaurants etc. nearby office or your home.

Do you show your best ability at SHARING TECHNOLOGY, a growing company?

Twelve years after the foundation, our company, drastically further growing, recruits high level employees at each section.

Gender free, no limit of age, educational attainment, and business career, Current stick-to-itiveness, performance, and prospects evaluated

Many managers and company officials in their twenties and women with job titles are at work.
If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us.