Continuing significant innovations
to the life service market

Our life service infrastructure business, which helps resolve “household problems” receives
over 700,000 inquiries per year, and our affiliate store network which exceeds 3,600 stores,
call centers that are open year-round and our original “Mover” system provides everyday
services to help resolve “household problems.”

In Japan, which is facing the issue of an aging society, we predict that these “household problems”
will continue to increase more than ever before.

In the future, we will continue to improve our matching efficiency, expand the flow of
inquiries and strengthen our service genres to contribute to society by resolving as many
“household problems” as possible.

By evolving the technologies that we have constructed until now based on the needs of society,
we will continue to develop significant innovations to the life service market and expand our
corporate value.


February 2019

Representative Director&Co-CEO Masayoshi Shino
Representative Director&Co-CEO Nobuhiro Moriyoshi